In Pastor Alberto Rodriguez Jr.’s impactful sermon titled “Pursue,” he passionately guides his congregation through a transformative message inspired by a divine directive from God. The central theme revolves around the pursuit of peace, extending beyond personal tranquility to a collective pursuit of God’s vision for their ministry. This revelation came to Pastor Rodriguez as a divine prompting to pursue the acquisition of a building for their ministry, illustrating the importance of discerning and actively pursuing God’s calling.

The foundation of the sermon rests on Psalm 34:14, encouraging believers to depart from evil and actively do good. Pastor Rodriguez shares personal anecdotes, recounting a shift in his own life towards maintaining peace even in challenging situations. This newfound commitment to peace, both personally and within the ministry, is presented as a powerful choice—one that aligns with God’s plan and purpose.

The sermon delves into the concept of holiness, clarifying that it is not a mere separation from worldly activities but a conscious choice to be chosen and adopted for the cause of God. Through scriptures like Romans 12:4-5 and Galatians 2:20, Pastor Rodriguez emphasizes the unity of believers as one body in Christ. This unity, he believes, is a source of strength that enables believers to collectively pursue the plans God has for them.

Pastor Rodriguez extends the pursuit beyond personal endeavors, calling on the congregation to actively seek God’s guidance and fulfill the vision of acquiring a building for the ministry. The sermon emphasizes that this pursuit requires faith, unity, and a deep understanding of one’s identity in Christ. The congregation is encouraged to acknowledge their collective identity as the body of Christ and to actively pursue the specific plans and visions that God has placed in their hearts.

In summary, Pastor Alberto Rodriguez Jr.’s sermon is a powerful call to action, urging believers not only to seek personal peace but to actively pursue God’s plans for their ministry. Grounded in scripture, the message emphasizes the transformative power of faith, unity, and understanding one’s identity in Christ as essential elements in the pursuit of divine purposes.